Notary publics provide an essential service to anyone trying to complete a financial transaction. This makes it a great career move for real estate professionals; being able to certify loans can make it easier to close deals. However, there’s a way to further enhance your qualifications in order to attract more clients.

Any notary public can become a loan signing agent after completing the required education— read on to see which sites provide the best signing agent certification courses.

1. Loan Signing System

Passing the notary exam is a lot easier with this service. That’s because the instructor and founder has a lot of experience in the subject and can help you apply it to your own career.

Course Details

Loan Signing System will teach you everything you need to know about being a notary public through video lessons and hands-on training. You can work through sample signings with instructors to gain experience in the field, in addition to good marketing knowledge that can help launch your career after successfully completing your notary education.

Customers can choose between paying $497 for the full course or paying $88 a month for 6 months. Additionally, you can try out some of their free resources before making any decisions. I recommend trying this even if you’re not really interested in paying for the full course; it’s a great way for notary applicants to get some insight into their future career.

Loan Signing System Features

  • 130 Page Study Guide
  • 5 Major Closing Docs
  • Video and Audio Lessons
  • Live Strategy Sessions
  • Step-by-Step Loan Singing Walkthroughs

Loan Signing System Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Audio Lessons: Loan Singing System provides plenty of audio lessons to their customers. This is excellent for anyone who likes to learn on a commute.
  • Pro – Job Search Training: This course includes lessons covering how to get the highest paying signing agent jobs.
  • Pro – Study Guide: Feel free to read through the 130 page signing agent study guide included with this course. This is a great way to become a notary without having to spend a lot of time on the computer.

Bottom Line

Loan Signing System is on the top of the list for a reason. You’ll easily learn everything you need to know through a wide range of study methods.

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2. delivers an effective online self study course to anyone interested in becoming a notary signing agent.

Course Details prepares their students to become a signing agent by walking through the singing process. Each type of document has an attached tutorial for your first time signing. After that you’ll be asked to demonstrate what you’ve learned without a tutorial. Doing so helps you internalize what you’ve learned and easily remember each step of the process. Upon completing the course you’ll gain access to your signing agent exam. Passing this immediately grants you certification.

Anyone interested in this course can try it out for $179. This site also provides courses for anyone working towards becoming a notary public, and these tend to cost around $99. Thanks to that, this serves as a great resource no matter where you are on your career path. Features

  • 12 Month Course Access
  • Key Document Blueprints
  • Full Loan Singing Tutorials
  • Notary Signing Agent Exam
  • Notary Certificate Included Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Coverage: provides courses for 46 states in the United States. That means almost everyone can get the education they need.
  • Pro – Live Seminars: frequently schedules live notary seminars around the United States. These are great resources for any prospective signing agent.
  • Con – Limited Teacher Interaction: You won’t have many opportunities to speak with a teacher due to the self study nature of this course.

Bottom Line

I recommend trying out this course if you prefer online work that you can complete at your own pace.

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3. is dedicated to self paced learning. They’ll never force you to work faster or slower than you’re comfortable with.

Course Details is a self study platform focused on teaching you the intricacies of work as a loan signing agent. They mainly teach you through study guides, handbooks, and practice documents. This type of studying makes the course entirely self paced; you’ll have plenty of time to work through everything on offer.

You need to pay $99 for 3 months of access to the notary education materials. However, this can also be supplemented by reading through some of the free resources available on the site. Features

  • 90 Day Course Access
  • Self Paced Learning
  • Notary Journal Templates
  • Example Documents
  • Study Guides + Handbooks Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Journal Templates: During this course, you’ll learn how to keep and update a notary journal. You can also get the necessary supplies for keeping your journal at this site.
  • Pro – Fast Course: Students are expected to complete this course in a maximum of 90 days. wants you to achieve your goals quickly, so they’ve focused their curriculum to waste as little time as possible.
  • Con – Not State Specific: This is a general course that doesn’t account for state specific signing agent information. The only exception is a handful of supplies in their online store related to Florida.

Bottom Line

If you prefer self paced online learning, you should enroll in this course. It perfectly matches the type of content that will provide you with the best notary public education.

4. Notary of America

Notary of America’s course content is extremely reliable and available for cheap.

Course Details

Much like, this course focuses heavily on self paced content. All work is completed online in a self study format. However, what sets them apart is their connection to a national governing body; this shows that everything they teach you is accurate and complies with current standards. That’s not a guarantee you can find just anywhere.

Enrollment in this course costs $99. Customers will be able to access materials for 90 days before needing to make another purchase. Additionally, completing this course qualifies you to take a Signing Agent Certification Exam.

Notary of America Features

  • Help Developing a Client Base
  • Notary Signing Agent Requirements
  • Business Advice
  • Notary Journal Help
  • 90 Day Access Period

Notary of America Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Marketing Tutorials: This service can help get your notary public career off the ground by teaching you how to market your services.
  • Pro – Notary Supply Store: With this website, you can acquire any necessary notary supplies — such as stamps and embossers — in addition to learning how to become a notary.
  • Con – No Video Content: There are currently no video lessons included with this course. Instead, everything is text based.

Bottom Line

Anyone who enrolls in this course will find no-nonsense online study materials. Try this one out if you prefer self study.

5. National Notary Association

The National Notary Association helps you well beyond the initial notary certification process, making it unique among the other services and websites listed here.

Course Details

NNA’s courses included a wide range of study materials for everyone to use. Customers can complete study guides or experience in depth training. Plus, you’ll learn how to complete every document type you’ll encounter as a signing agent. At the end of all of this you’ll receive a background check and your course certificate.

Anyone interested in this course can choose between 3 different options. Those who only want the background check can simply pay $70 for the screening process. However, those who want to learn can try out the basic or complete plans for $189 and $250 respectively.

National Notary Features

  • Loan Document Sourcebook
  • TRID Training
  • Listing
  • Security Training
  • Downloadable Study Guide

National Notary Pros and Cons

  • Pro – Background Check: The required signing agent background check is included with your course purchase.
  • Pro – Free Listing: Everyone who completes this course gets listed on completely free of charge. 
  • Con – Price: $250 is a fairly steep entry point for anyone hoping to get certified.

Bottom Line

Try this course out if you want a more hands on learning experience with further information past what’s required to start working as a notary public.