Mometrix University is an all-in-one online study tool that helps you study for various tests in the form of study guides, flashcards, and online courses. Home to “the world’s largest collection of education materials for helping students pass high stakes standardized tests,” Mometrix offers a wide variety of study materials so the student has the ability to learn in whichever way is most comfortable.

They also have a progress monitor which makes it easy for you to pick up where you leave off in your study process. Founded in 2002, Mometrix offers over 3,500 study tools covering 1,500 standardized exams. They also boast that they make an average of 100 product updates each week so as the tests change, their material does, as well. 

The Most Important Features: Access, Materials, Student Support, and Guarantee


In today’s digital landscape it is important that prep course materials be delivered in an intuitive, easy to use format, whether you’re on your computer or smartphone, and Mometrix delivers. In our review of the courses we found their smartphone app was easy to use, and syncs with what you’re doing on the desktop. 


Mometrix tries to stand out by offering solutions for just about every type of learner. They have videos for visual learners, lessons for reading learners, flashcards for repetition learners, and sample questions for practice learners. You can, of course, mix and match these options to fully grasp the subject matter. 

Student Support 

When making a considerable investment in an online prep course it is important that support be nearby should a problem or question arise. Mometrix offers this through live chatting Monday-Friday between 9AM and 3PM CST.


Mometrixs’ guarantee is actually a free trial. Meaning if you’re not satisfied with the course after a week of using it, you can opt-out. However, you will still be charged for that month’s course if you do not email [email protected] with the subject line “Satisfaction Guarantee Refund” providing them with your name and order number. 

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Course Offerings by Mometrix

ATI TEAS Online Study Course

The TEAS exam is a test made by ATI that is taken by nursing students as a pre-admission exam. TEAS, which is short for Test of Essential Academic Skills, is used by nursing schools to help assess nursing students knowledge in math, science, english and reading.

  • 64 lessons (audio optional)
  • 525 flashcards
  • 8 practice tests comprised of 1,500+ questions 
  • 100 hours of video lectures
  • Cost: $69.99 a month

CEN Online Study Course

A certification, like the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) is an earned credential that demonstrates the individual’s specialized knowledge and skills. Certification is awarded by a third-party organization, such as Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing.

  • 81 lessons
  • 486 flashcards
  • 4 practice tests comprised of 700+ questions
  • Over 40 hours of video lectures
  • Cost: $79.99 a month

CPCE Online Study Course

The CPCE is a four-hour exit examination required of all OPS MSCP students at CBU. The purpose of the exam is to assess the student’s knowledge of counseling to ensure minimum competence in the field.

  • 46 lessons
  • 565 flashcards 
  • 5 practice tests comprised of 1,000+ questions
  • Over 20 hours of video lectures
  • Cost: $79.99 a month 

CPHQ Online Study Course

The Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) exam can be taken by anyone, regardless of their education credentials or work experience.

  • 46 lessons
  • 381 flashcards 
  • 5 practice tests comprised of 700+ questions 
  • Over 10 hours of video lectures
  • Cost: $79.99 a month

FNP Online Study Course

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is the certification examination which is an entry-level competency-based examination that tests clinical knowledge in family/individual across the life span (prenatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult, older adult, and elderly primary care.)

  • 75 lessons 
  • 760 flashcards 
  • 3 practice tests comprised of 600+ questions 
  • Over 20 hours of video lectures 
  • Cost: $79.99 a month 

GED Online Study Course

The General Educational Development tests are a group of four subject tests which, when passed, provide certification that the test taker has United States or Canadian high school-level academic skills.

  • 141 lessons
  • 430 flashcards
  • 3 practice tests comprised of 1,100+ questions
  • Over 190 hours of video lectures
  • Cost: $29.99 a month

HESI A2 Online Study Course

The HESI A2 test is used for nursing schools to screen applicants for admission into nursing programs. Also known as the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment, the HESI A2 is a multiple-choice test with five scored exam topics and one unscored personality assessment.

  • 177 lessons
  • 341 flashcards
  • 7 practice tests comprised of 2,600+ questions
  • Over 120 hours of video lectures
  • Cost: $59.99 a month

NCE Online Study Course

The National Counselor Examination (NCE) is a 200-item multiple-choice examination designed to assess knowledge, skills and abilities determined to be important for providing effective counseling services. The NCE is a requirement for counselor licensure in many states.

  • 46 lessons
  • 488 flashcards
  • 5 practice tests comprised of 1,000+ questions 
  • Over 20 hours of video lectures
  • Cost: $79.99 a month 

OCN Online Study Course

The certification test is a three-hour, 165 multiple-choice item test based on the Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) Test Content Outline (Test Blueprint). The Blueprint was created after the results of a role delineation study of basic adult oncology nursing practice conducted in 2016.

  • 47 lessons 
  • 515 flashcards 
  • 3 practice tests comprised of 500+ questions 
  • Cost: $79.99 a month

PCCN Online Study Course

The Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCCN) credential is for progressive care nurses providing direct bedside care to acutely ill adult patients. PCCN certification validates your knowledge of nursing of acutely ill adult patients within your specialty nursing field.

  • 48 lessons
  • 483 flashcards
  • 3 practice tests comprised of 400+ questions
  • Over 20 hours of video lectures
  • Cost: $79.99 a month 

PHR Online Study Course

The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) is a certification available to professionals who hold a position in Human Resources. The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) offers the PHR to professionals who have experience with program implementation, the human resources organizational structure, and HR practices.

  • 47 lessons
  • 379 flashcards
  • 5 practice tests comprised of 700+ questions
  • Cost: $99.99 a month

SHRM-CP Online Study Course

Society for Human Resource Management-Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) is for HR professionals who implement policies and strategies, serve as point of contact for staff and stakeholders, deliver HR services, and perform operational HR functions.

  • 140 lessons
  • 458 flashcards
  • 6 practice tests comprised of 1,000+ questions
  • Cost: $99.99 a month 

TSI Online Study Course

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment, better known as the TSI test, is a program which determines the appropriate level of college coursework for an incoming student. The TSI test consists of three separate exams: Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.

  • 78 lessons
  • 322 flashcards
  • 9 practice tests comprised of 1,200+ questions
  • Over 150 hours of video lectures
  • Cost: $39.99 a month

Updates and New Courses

As noted above, Mometrix is always adding to and improving their material. They informed us that they are launching a new course every two weeks and their SHRM, NCLEX, and NCE lessons will soon have an audio component. In addition, every course is accessible through the Mometrix University app so you can access the material anywhere. 

How Does Mometrix Compare?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Mometrix University.

How much does Mometrix cost?

All mometrix courses are billed monthly and the cost per month depends on the course you purchase. In our review, the pricing ranged from $29.99-$99.99 per month. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, you need to go to the “Subscriptions” page under “My Account” and click cancel. 

What if I want to do just one month? 

You cancel your subscription after you sign up. That way you will just be billed for the one month. 

Can I switch my course?

In order to switch a course you need to email [email protected]

Where do I find my flashcards? 

Flashcards and practice tests are located at the end of each course. To get there, you need to log into your course and click the right arrow until you arrive at the flashcards. 

How do I contact customer support? 

At the bottom of the support page there is a contact form. 

Bottom Line

Standardized tests can be a stressful part of one’s academic career and not everyone learns the same way, which Mometrix recognizes. They have mostly positive reviews for their courses and have material not every test prep company covers. Their fully digital format allows students to access courses from anywhere and saves them money on shipping costs.

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