Taking the Texas real estate exam is an important step toward earning your real estate license, but first you must complete a 180-hour pre-licensing course. There are many different options out there, and the one you choose could have a big impact on your chance of success. Currently, the average pass rate hovers around 56 percent, but the right program could improve your odds significantly. That’s why we put together this guide to the best Texas real estate exam prep courses.

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Our research team evaluated 17 of the most popular Texas real estate exam prep companies based on their accessibility, study materials, student support and flexibility. We also took their pass ratings, as reported by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), into account. In order to keep our recommendations open to everyone, we stuck to companies that offered online programs that you can attend from anywhere.

After analyzing all the facts, we ended up with three companies worth considering. Learn Texas Real Estate Online was our favorite because of its simple, flexible program and its high pass rates. But depending on your preferences, you may prefer one of our other top picks. We recommend checking out all your options before making a decision to ensure you find the one that’s right for you.

A Full List of Every Texas Real Estate Exam Prep Course Worth Considering

Our three finalists are listed below, along with the other 14 companies we considered. Click on the links to view the available courses and to read our reviews of our top three.

The 3 Best Texas Real Estate Exam Prep Courses

RankCompanyPricing InfoGet Started


Kaplan Real Estate Education$399Go To Kaplan Real Estate


Learn Texas Real Estate Online$459Go To Texas Real Estate Online


Texas State Online$512Go To Texas State Online

Full Reviews of the Best Texas Real Estate Exam Prep Courses

1. Kaplan Real Estate Education Review

Best Texas Real Estate Exam Prep for Flexibility

Kaplan Texas Real Estate offers three different course formats, as well as a Career Launcher Package for those interested in going the extra mile. It gives you the freedom to purchase your courses individually or buy them as a package and schedule each of them separately. Its courses are more expensive than the other companies on this list, however, so it’s not a good fit if your budget is tight. In that case, you’d be better off with a company like Texas State Online.

What to Expect

Kaplan offers two different types of self-paced course. The Home Study course is essentially a series of textbooks and practice exams. The OnDemand course adds 60 hours of instructor-led on-demand videos that you can view at any time through your online account. Live classes are also available in Arlington and Houston, and new courses start at least once a month. Classes run all day with a break for lunch, and you can choose whether you’d like to attend on weekdays or the weekend. Each class is scheduled individually, even if you purchase them as a bundle, so you can choose what works best for you.

Like the other companies on this list, the pre-licensing program is broken into six 30-hour courses, each with regular quizzes and a test at the end. When you purchase one of the Solution Packages, you automatically get access to Kaplan’s real estate exam prep course as well. This includes two national and state exams as well as live or video lessons explaining key concepts and test-taking strategies.

Students in the live classes can ask questions of their instructor directly, but those enrolled in a self-paced course aren’t left out. Kaplan hosts weekly interactive study groups where you can get together with other students and Kaplan instructors to talk through any struggles or misunderstandings. Those who opt for the Career Launcher Package will also be enrolled in a the Real Estate Accelerator two-day boot camp on being a successful real estate agent. This program comes with four weeks of follow-up coaching in case you have any further questions.

Kaplan Real Estate Education Details

Promulgated Contract Forms Home Study Package$100
Property Management Home Study Course$100
Real Estate Finance Home Study Package$100
Real Estate Law of Agency Home Study Package$100
Real Estate Law of Contracts Home Study Package$100
Texas Essentials of Real Estate Investment Home Study Course$100
Texas Sales and Marketing 101 for Real Estate Professionals Home Study Course$100
Promulgated Contract Forms OnDemand Package$120
Real Estate Finance OnDemand Package$120
Real Estate Law of Agency OnDemand Package$120
Real Estate Law of Contracts OnDemand Package$120
Promulgated Contract Forms Classroom Package$155
Real Estate Finance Classroom Package$155
Real Estate Law of Agency Classroom Package$155
Real Estate Law of Contracts Classroom Package$155
Property Management Online Course$159
Texas Essentials of Real Estate Investment Online Course$159
Texas Sales and Marketing 101 for Real Estate Professionals Online Course$159
Principles of Real Estate Home Study Package$170
Principles of Real Estate OnDemand Package$200
Principles of Real Estate Classroom Package$300
Home Study Solution$499
OnDemand Solution$649
Live Class Solution$899
Career Launcher Home Study Package$899
Career Launcher OnDemand Package$1,049
Career Launcher Classroom Package$1,299

Go To Kaplan Texas Real Estate

2. Learn Texas Real Estate Online Review

Best Texas Real Estate License Online for Comprehensive, Effective Instruction

With its flexible pricing options and a first-time pass rate hovering just below 85 percent, Learn Texas Real Estate Online has become one of the most popular options for pre-licensing courses. It covers all the material you need to know for the test through a series of texts and videos, and there are weekly instructor sessions to answer any questions that arise. The company is so confident that its program will help you pass that it promises a full refund if you fail the real estate exam after completing the pre-licensing course.

What to Expect

Learn Texas Real Estate Online gives you two options for pre-licensing. You can purchase each of the required 30-hour courses individually when you’re ready to work on them, or you can bundle them all together for a discount. If you do this, you must complete all course materials within a year from the purchase date. Unless you anticipate this being an issue, the bundle option is the way to go because you get access to additional perks like the weekly instructor sessions, a one-day free trial and the money-back guarantee. You also get three bonus video courses on real estate practice to help you jumpstart your career.

Unlike most of its competitors, Learn Texas Real Estate Online doesn’t provide any textbooks, though they are available to purchase for those who want them. The entire course is accessible through your online account on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Your progress is automatically saved every time you exit, so you can pick up right where you left off. After reviewing the material for each chapter, you’ll be given a short quiz to test your retention. And at the end of each 30-hour course, you’re required to take a proctored exam, per state law. Your progress is tracked, so you can see how you’re doing and where you might need further practice.

You are responsible for teaching yourself the material, but if you need clarification on something, you can attend the weekly instructor sessions. These are your opportunity to ask questions and correct any misunderstandings. Each week has a different theme, and you will know all of these ahead of time, so you can choose which ones you want to attend. You can also reach out to instructors via email.

Learn Texas Real Estate Online Details

Law of Agency Course$99
Law of Contracts Course$99
Pearson VUE Online Texas and National Exam Preps$99
Principles of Real Estate I Course$99
Principles of Real Estate II Course$99
Promulgated Forms Course$99
Real Estate Finance Course$99
Texas Pre-Licensing Package with QBank$500

Go To Learn Texas Online Real Estate

3. Texas State Online Review

Best for Affordable Texas Real Estate Exam Prep

Texas State Online offers one of the most affordable pre-licensing courses of any company we looked at, and it does it all at a price that’s well below average. You can purchase the six required courses individually, but bundling is usually the better way to go because you’ll save 20 percent. And in case you’re wondering how it stacks up to more expensive competitors, its pass rate is about 78 percent — 22 percent higher than the average.

What to Expect

The Texas State Online curriculum follows the six 30-hour course format required by the TREC. You can purchase each course individually and take them in any order, but you must pass all of them in order to complete the course. There are practice quizzes after every unit and tests at the end of every course to ensure you’re understanding the material. These tests are proctored, per state law, and they’re a good way to prepare yourself for the real exam. You have access to all the study materials for one year, and they can be viewed on any computer as well as some tablets. If for some reason, you aren’t happy with the course, you can request a refund within 10 days of signing up.

The Basic Package should suffice for most people, but if you want to really give yourself a boost, upgrade to the Value Package. This includes three bonus courses on building your real estate business to help you get your career started off on the right foot. There are also optional MathMaster and exam prep courses you can sign up for if you feel you need a little extra practice. Like the other courses, these are self-paced, so you must be comfortable teaching yourself the material.

Texas State Online doesn’t host any live weekly study sessions, but it does offer 24/7 email support to all its students. There’s also a hotline, which is great if you have a more immediate question. Phone support is available Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can reach out for help as often as you need to during your one-year access period.

Texas State Online

Law of Agency Course$89
Law of Contracts Course$89
Principles of Real Estate I Course$89
Principles of Real Estate II Course$89
Promulgated Forms Course$89
Real Estate Finance Course$89
Exam Prep Course$99
MathMaster Course$99
Basic Package$384
Value Package$408

Go To Texas State Online

The Most Important Features: Accessibility, Resources, Support and Customization

We took dozens of features into account when choosing the best Texas real estate exam prep courses. They broke down into four categories: accessibility, resources, support and customization.


In-person Texas real estate exam prep courses are available in select cities, but not everyone will be able to travel to one on a regular basis for classes. That’s why we kept our focus on online courses that you can attend from anywhere. We preferred companies that offered mobile-friendly study materials, so that you can learn wherever you go. Kaplan Real Estate Education did the best in this category with a choice of two self-paced courses and in-person courses held regularly in Arlington and Houston.


Next, we made sure that all of the companies we chose had been approved by the TREC so that their courses would count toward the 180-hour pre-licensing education requirement. We evaluated the quality of the study materials, and then looked at how well they prepared students for the real test. According to the TREC, Learn Texas Real Estate Online has consistently had one of the highest first-time pass rates of any approved pre-licensing education provider. Texas State Online and Kaplan also boast pass ratings that are above average.


It’s important that students have a means of getting help when questions arise, especially in self-paced courses. Usually, you can reach out by email and there may be a hotline as well. Support can also take the form of a guarantee, like the one offered by Learn Texas Real Estate Online. It promises a full course refund if you don’t pass the real estate exam, provided you complete all the course materials and pass the quizzes with an 80 percent or better.


Each of our three finalists enables you to purchase the six mandatory 30-hour courses individually, so you can take them on your own time. Some companies also offer supplemental resources, like the MathMaster course, offered by Texas State Online and the Real Estate Accelerator program included with Kaplan’s Career Launcher Packages. These won’t appeal to every student, but they’re nice options to have if you want a little extra help in a certain area.

Choosing the Right Texas Real Estate Exam Prep Course Delivery Type for You

Texas real estate exam prep courses come in two main formats: self-paced and in-person. Each has its own pros and cons, and we’ve outlined these below.

  • Self-Paced: You work through the course materials at your own pace.
  • In-Person: You travel to a physical location and learn in a traditional classroom setting.



  • Cheapest courses
  • Design your own schedule
  • Move at your own pace


  • Requires discipline
  • No tailored instruction
  • Little instructor support

Who It’s Best For

A self-paced course is ideal for independent learners, those with busy schedules and anyone who lives in a rural area and is unable to travel to an in-person course.



  • Complete immersement
  • Familiar environment
  • Live interaction with others


  • You have to be present
  • Can’t choose schedule
  • More expensive than self-paced

Who It’s Best For

A live in-person course is best for those who struggle to learn on their own and those who feel they would benefit from more personalized assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Texas Real Estate Exam

Our mission is to create a comprehensive resource for those planning on taking the Texas real estate exam. We spoke to real estate agents and answered some of the most common questions about the test below. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to reach out and ask.

What requirements must I meet in order to take the Texas real estate exam?

In order to become a real estate agent in Texas, you must be a citizen of the United States 18 or older and a current resident of the state of Texas. Brokers may be exempt from the residency requirement if they were licensed as a sales agent or broker in Texas within the last two years, or if they hold a valid broker’s license in another state. Brokers must also have held a valid sales agent’s license within four of the last five years.

In addition, you must meet the TREC’s qualifications for honesty, trustworthiness and integrity. If you have a criminal record, your application may be denied even if you fulfill all of the other requirements. Those who aren’t sure if they qualify can request a Moral Character Determination before submitting their real estate application. Just fill out the form and submit it along with the $50 fee and wait for a response.

Then, you must complete the required pre-licensing education. Sales agents are required to take a 180-hour course. This is broken down into six 30-hour courses:

  • Principles of Real Estate I
  • Principles of Real Estate II
  • Law of Agency
  • Law of Contracts
  • Promulgated Contract Forms
  • Real Estate Finance

Brokers are required to complete 270 hours of pre-licensing instruction, including the six courses mentioned above and a 30-hour Real Estate Brokerage course. The remaining 60 hours can come from any two of these electives:

  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Real Estate Law
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Real Estate Mathematics
  • Residential Inspection for Real Estate Agents

How do I schedule my Texas real estate exam?

Once you’ve completed the necessary requirements, you can fill out your application and submit it to the TREC. You must include a copy of your pre-licensing course completion certificate to prove that you’ve gotten the required education. There’s also an application fee — $205 for sales agents and $305 for brokers. You must also go and get your fingerprints taken and file them with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Once your application is received, the TREC will review it and conduct a background check. Provided you pass, you will be issued a notice to schedule your exam. Texas real estate exams are administered by Pearson VUE at testing centers all over the state. Create an online account and choose a date and time that works best with your schedule. If you need to change or cancel your test later on, you can do so as long as you give at least two days’ notice.

You should arrive at the testing center at least a half hour early to give yourself time for check-in. You must present a government-issued photo ID to the exam proctor, and you will be subjected to additional security checks, like a fingerprint scan. You aren’t allowed to bring anything with you into the testing room, so a locker will be provided where you can store your belongings. For more information on test-day procedures, visit Pearson VUE’s website.

What does the Texas real estate exam cover?

The Texas real estate exam consists of 110 graded questions for sales agents and 120 graded questions for brokers. You have four hours to complete it. The exams are broken down into two sections — national and state. Each version of the exam follows a similar content outline, though the questions themselves will not always be the same.

National Exam (Sales Agent Questions/Broker Questions)

  • Real Property Characteristics Legal Descriptions and Property Use (8/8)
  • Forms of Ownership, Transfer and Recording of Title (7/7)
  • Property Value and Appraisal (7/7)
  • Real Estate Contracts and Agency (16/16)
  • Real Estate Practice (18/18)
  • Property Disclosures and Environmental Issues (6/5)
  • Financing and Settlement (10/9)
  • Real Estate Math Calculations (8/10)

State Exam (Sales Agent Questions/Broker Questions)

  • Commission Duties and Powers (2/3)
  • Licensing (2/4)
  • Standards of Conduct (7/9)
  • Agency/Brokerage (8/10)
  • Contracts (7/8)
  • Special Topics (4/6)

In addition, there are a handful of unscored pretest items. They’re included by the TREC as a way of measuring the difficulty and fairness of new questions. The ones that pass will be included on future versions of the test. You won’t know which questions these are, but it’s important to know that they’re there so that you can budget your time accordingly.

What if I fail the Texas real estate exam?

The Texas real estate exam is a computer-based test, so you’ll find out how you did right away. You must score a 70 percent or better in order to pass. But if you didn’t, that’s okay. A high percentage of test takers don’t pass on their first try. The key to succeeding on your second attempt is to learn from your mistakes and take your time reviewing the material before you try again.

You’ll be given a score report that shows how you did in each of the important subject areas. Use this as your guide to figure out where you struggled and what concepts you ought to review before trying again. Look over these sections in your pre-licensing course material and take quizzes and practice tests until you feel that you have them mastered. If there’s something you don’t understand, reach out to your pre-licensing education provider or another Texas real estate agent for help.

When you’re ready to try again, just make a new testing appointment with Pearson VUE and pay the exam fee. You can take the exam up to three times without any limits, but if you still fail, you must take additional pre-licensing education courses before you can try again. So if you’re on your third attempt, wait to schedule the test until you’re confident you can pass.

Do I need to take the Texas real estate exam if I’m already licensed in another state?

Unfortunately, Texas has no reciprocity agreements with any other state, so there is no way to get around the pre-licensing requirements, even if you hold a valid license in another state. If you’re considering a move to Texas, it may be a good idea to begin studying for the exam early, so that you can take the test as soon as you arrive and get to work shortly after.

Because of Texas’s law, it’s impossible to hold a Texas real estate license if you aren’t a permanent resident of the state. This is something to keep in mind if you’re considering operating in more than one state. Texas has some of the most stringent pre-licensing requirements in the country, and it may not be worth the investment for you if you’re not planning on living there long-term.

If you live on the border of Texas and another state, you may want to obtain a license in both states to open up new markets. While you can obtain a license at any time, some prefer to study for both exams at the same time to get it all out of the way at once. But if you find this confusing, it may be wiser to wait and take the exams one after another.

Check out the full Real Estate Exam Prep Courses Guide for more information.

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