Every state requires its attorneys to pass the bar exam before they can begin practicing law there. It’s a challenging test of the skills and knowledge you’ll need to operate successfully as a lawyer, and passing it requires extensive preparation. A bar exam prep course will help you review concepts and learn test-taking strategies to maximize your chance of success. I put together this guide to the best bar prep courses to help you find the program that’s right for you.

I gathered a list of almost 50 bar prep courses and put them to the test. My top pick for the best bar prep course is BarMax; I evaluated each company to come to that decision based on the number of states served, available course formats, overall comprehensiveness, study material quality, and the ease of getting instructor support. I also spoke to former students to get their insights into the usefulness of each prep course.

In the end, I was left with eight finalists that I felt comfortable recommending. Each of them serves at least 40 jurisdictions and offers self-paced or online courses, so you can attend from anywhere. BarMax was my favorite, but depending on your needs and budget, you may prefer one of my other top picks.

Check out all of my reviews below to learn about what each company has to offer and who should use it!

Full List of Bar Review Courses I Recommend

My top eight best bar exam courses are listed below, along with the other 36 companies that didn’t make the cut. Click on the links to view the available courses and to see what I had to say about my top finalists.

My Top 8 Best Bar Prep Courses of 2024

RankCompanyPricing InfoGet Started


BarMax$1,895Go To BarMax


Quimbee$1,199Go To Quimbee BAR


$970Go To Crushendo BAR


Kaplan Bar Review$2,499Go To Kaplan Bar


Bar Prep Hero$299Go To BarPrepHero


Themis Bar Review$2,795Go To Themis Bar




AmeriBar$2,499Go To School of PE

1. BarMax Review

Barmax review

My Best Bar Prep Course for Studying on the Go

BarMax offers self-paced bar prep courses in all states except Louisiana. Its program includes 50 hours of audio lectures from Harvard Law School alumni, topic outlines and over 1,500 real MBE questions. You can access all course materials online or through its iOS app. There’s no need to connect to the internet in order to view the material through the app, so it’s the perfect choice for studying on the go. Unfortunately, there’s no Android app at the moment; however, these users can still access their account through their mobile web browser.

What to Expect

BarMax’s UBE course covers all sections of the bar exam in 26 states and the Virgin Islands. Its MBE course covers the general portion of the exam in all states except Louisiana. California residents have the option of purchasing a special course tailored to them for the same price as the UBE course. You can start practicing as soon as you sign up, and you can view the materials as much as you need. All BarMax plans include lifetime access to the materials, so you can take the course for a second time if you don’t pass. Like Themis, BarMax is confident in its courses and publishes its pass rates on its website. It also promises a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass your bar exam after completing its course.

The bulk of the lessons are taught through over 50 hours of audio lectures created by Harvard Law School alumni. You can go through these at your own pace and then test your knowledge with flashcards, over 1,580 real practice questions, and two free essay critiques. BarMax will automatically track your progress and show you the areas where you’re struggling so you know where to focus your attention moving forward. And if you run into trouble, you can reach out to the company’s trained instructors via phone, email, or message board with any questions.

Its mobile app is sleek and intuitive, so you can quickly navigate to the information you’re looking for. You can access all course material, including lectures and practice tests, from here even when you’re not connected to the internet. You can post questions and receive instructor support right from the app as well. It would be great if this was an option for Android users too, but for now, they’ll have to jump through the extra hoop of logging in via their web browser.

  • Real Questions: BarMax only uses real questions from previous bar exams on their practice examinations.
  • Detailed Analytics: Your progress is automatically tracked as you work through the course. This is then used to show you where to focus your studies.
  • Lecture Outlines: Each lecture you complete comes with a clear and concise outline to make review sessions easier.

BarMax Details

BarMax Baby Bar$249.99
BarMax MBE Questions$299.99
BarMax MBE Course$499.99
BarMax CA Course$999.99
BarMax UBE Course$999.99

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2. Quimbee Bar Review

Quimbee bar review

My Favorite for Studying on Mobile

Quimbee designed their entire bar exam prep course to be easily accessible on mobile, tablet, and PC. This allows you to study for your exams in a few different ways and in a few different situations. As a result, you can easily keep up with the goals set by your personal study calendar.

What to Expect

This review course offers over 4,000 practice questions, with half of these from past bar exams, and over 200 video lessons. These materials are spread out over an 11-week study schedule; following this schedule will guide you from law school all the way to a passing grade on the UBE, California Bar Exam, or Florida Bar Exam.

Once you’ve passed the bar and started your legal career, Quimbee can still provide assistance with Continuing Legal Education (CLE). And if you’re still working through law school, they offer Study Aids to help you get through the struggle of your 1L year all the way through those last few classes before you can set your bar exam date. But by far the most impressive materials they offer are their Bar review and MBE packages, which come with a pass guarantee.

  • Attorney Graders: Three essays and a performance tests (four essays for Florida examinees) are graded by a real professional attorney. Doing so ensures that you receive personalized feedback from an expert in the field.
  • Mobile App: All of Quimbee’s course content is available on their mobile app. This allows you to study for the exam whenever you want.
  • Rigid Schedule: Quimbee’s course calendar contains every subject and task in the course. However, it’s not very flexible and they expect you to complete everything on the same schedule.

Quimbee Bar Review Details

Quimbee Study Aids$25 - $29/month
Quimbee MBE Review - Access Until You Pass$499.00
Quimbee Bar Review Premium - Access Until You Pass$999.00
Quimbee CLE - One Month or One Year of Access$49 - $99

Go To Quimbee Bar

3. Crushendo Bar Review


Best Bar Prep for Memorization Strategies

Crushendo’s unique feature is mnemonic devices and other memorization strategies. This is a major component of their curriculum, and it has helped thousands of students remember complicated legal terms and practices during their exams and in their legal careers.

What to Expect

If you don’t like spending a ton of time staring at video lectures and practicing large quantities of multiple-choice questions, Crushendo offers an alternative strategy to help you pass the bar. Their unique approach to exam prep is mostly focused on memorization through the use of clinically tested learning strategies. As a result, you’ll spend much more time working with flashcards and studying mnemonics.

What’s especially interesting about this course is the fact that they provide audio flashcards as well as illustrated versions. This opens up many more opportunities for you to practice, such as during a long commute, while doing chores around the house, or when exercising at the gym. Better yet, these audio study tools are available offline, so you don’t have to worry about your connection being interrupted in the middle of a study session.

You can purchase Crushendo’s flashcards and mnemonics separately from the rest of the course for a discount. However, the best experience with Crushendo involves their full UBE and/or MBE Suite. In addition to the flashcards and mnemonics, these courses also provide over 2,000 practice questions to help you get acclimated to the bar exam format and question style. But whichever package you choose, you can expect a unique and effective study plan!

  • Multiple Lecture Formats: Lectures can be completed in several different ways.
  • Lifetime Access: No one will ever be cut off from the materials they’ve bought from Crushendo.
  • No State Specific Info: Currently Crushendo only has study materials for the Uniform Bar Exam. You’ll need to learn state-specific rules elsewhere.

Crushendo Bar Review Details

Crushendo Real MPT Practice Questions - Lifetime Access$70.00
Crushendo Real MEE Practice Questions - Lifetime Access$100.00
Crushendo Latest MEE & MPT Questions - Lifetime Access$70
Crushendo MBE Outlines, Flashcards, Mnemonics - Lifetime Access$240.00
Crushendo UBE Outlines, Flashcards, Mnemonics - Lifetime Access$370.00
Crushendo MBE Suite - Lifetime Access$470.00
Crushendo UBE Suite - Lifetime Access$790.00

Go To Crushendo Bar


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4. Kaplan Bar Exam Prep Review

Kaplan bar review

Best for Comprehensive Instruction

Kaplan Bar’s variety of courses and widespread availability made it the company to beat. It offers tailored programs for all states and an adaptive syllabus that targets the areas where you need to improve. It also boasts the largest question bank of any of my top five and unlimited essay grading, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice before your exam. Private tutoring is also an option for students who are interested in personalized instruction, though Kaplan requires that you commit to at least five hours upfront.

What to Expect

KaplanBar Review offers comprehensive self-paced, live online, and in-person bar prep courses to residents of all states. Live courses include 32 classes ranging from four to seven hours per day and full access to Kaplan’s online study materials. Students interested in a self-paced bar prep course have several options. The On Demand course covers the same material as the live courses through a series of pre-recorded video lectures. There are also shorter Foundation and Final Review courses that cover the basic concepts and test-taking strategies in a few days. Kaplan is one of the few companies to offer instructor support to its self-paced students, though it’s limited to email only. Still, this is a nice option to have if you find yourself stuck on a concept.

The online course materials include over 4,000 MBE practice questions — over double what some of my other top picks offer. Kaplan’s Personalized Pass Program will keep track of your results and use this information to make suggestions about which sections you need to review more. When the review course is finished, you’ll receive a Final Study Plan to guide you through the rest of the days until the exam. Unlimited essay grading is also included as a part of every Kaplan Complete Bar Review Course. Search through the essay prompts by subject matter and get feedback from Kaplan on how you can improve your answers. All of these resources are available online or through the company’s iOS and Android mobile apps.

Kaplan is one of the few bar prep courses to offer private online or in-person tutoring for students who feel they need individualized attention. Its rates are reasonable compared to its competitors, but you must commit to at least five hours at a time. If you’re retaking the bar exam, your tutor will go over your exam scores and help you come up with a study plan to bring up your grade. New students will be given an initial assignment, which your tutor will grade and use to build a tailored study schedule covering all major concepts.

  • Experienced Staff: Every instructor working on this course is a lawyer with years of experience. This allows them to apply their professional knowledge when teaching you.
  • Pass Rate: Kaplan students taking the Bar exam for the first time have a pass rate of 93%.
  • Live Only: Kaplan doesn’t offer any self-study courses for the Bar exam at this time.

Kaplan Bar Review Details

MBE Qbank & Audio Lectures$299.00
MBE Qbank Released$399.00
MBA Final Review Course$449.00
MBA Foundation Course$699.00
MBE Combined Course (Foundation and Final Review)$1,049.00
On Demand$1,299.00
LLM On Demand$1,499.00
Live At Home$1,999.00
LLM Live At Home$2,199.00
Live In Class$1,999.00
LLM Live In Class$2,199.00
Private Tutoring - MBE or Essay Only (5 hours)$1,000.00
Private Tutoring - MBE & Essay (5 hours)$1,000.00
Private Tutoring - MBE or Essay Only (10 hours)$2,000.00
Private Tutoring - MBE & Essay (10 hours)$2,250.00
Private Tutoring - MBE or Essay Only (20 hours)$4,000.00
Private Tutoring - MBE & Essay (20 hours)$4,500.00

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5. Bar Prep Hero Bar Review Course

bar prep hero

Best for Budgeting

Although you can make a lot of money as an attorney, it also costs a lot of money to become one. Fortunately, there are ways to educate yourself on all the important concepts and terminology without spending Ivy League prices. Consider what Bar Prep Hero has to offer if you want a great education without breaking the bank.

What to Expect

Since this course is priced lower than most of the other courses listed here, it makes sense that it has a smaller library of practice questions. If you want to study by answering a lot of multiple-choice questions, you’ll have a better time with Quimbee. However, Bar Prep Hero makes up for this by including over 1,600 flashcards. However, when compared to the creatively designed flashcards provided by Crushendo, these are an example of prioritizing quantity over quality.

The biggest benefit you can gain from using this bar review course is affordability. Again, the lack of substantial material in comparison to other courses is justified by the fact that this course costs only half of what the other ones do. So if you’re close to the bottom of your education budget and financial aid is no longer available, this is the best way to quickly prepare yourself to cross the finish line and start making a lot of money as a practicing attorney.

For less than $100, you can access a library of about 500 simulated MBE questions, as well as the flashcards and an email consultation with an expert to help you prepare for the bar. But if you can afford it, I highly recommend choosing the Full MBE or Full Bar packages instead; these aren’t much more expensive, but they include a thousand additional practice questions and multiple consultations.

  • Model Answers: Each practice question comes with a detailed model answer to compare your response to. These provide examples of what graders are looking for when you answer Bar exam questions.
  • Practice Problems: In total, over 1100 NCBE licensed questions and 500+ MBEs are included with this course provider.
  • Limited Material: Bar Prep Hero focuses entirely on practice exams. As such, this program should mainly be used by people who already know the material and want to test their knowledge.

Bar Prep Hero Details

Bar Prep Hero The Sim MBE - One Year of Access$99
Bar Prep Hero The Full MBE - Lifetime Access$199
Bar Prep Hero The Full Bar - Lifetime Access$299

Go To BarPrepHero

6. Themis Bar Exam Review

Themis Bar Review

Best for Busy Students

Themis Bar Review was built to accommodate a busy lifestyle. The curriculum is spread out over eight weeks, as opposed to some other courses that cram all classes into a month and a half. You can reinforce what you learn in the classroom with a series of short on-demand videos and test your knowledge with 2,500 practice MBE questions and three practice exams. The course will adapt as you go, always targeting the areas where you need the most help to ensure you’re using your time effectively. Courses are available for all states except Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

What to Expect

Themis hosts live online courses, so you can attend them from anywhere. Lessons take place four to five days per week over eight to 10 weeks and cover all aspects of the exam. You’ll take three practice tests throughout the course, so you can assess your progress and see which sections you should spend more time on. If you miss a class, you can always go back and review its material with Themis’ on-demand video library.

You can go through the online course materials in any order you’d like, but its Directed Study schedule is best if you need help keeping yourself on track. This analyzes how well you do on practice questions and suggests daily videos and tasks to improve your performance in difficult subject areas. If you need to take some time off, Themis will automatically adjust your schedule to account for the break so you can still cover all the key material before test day. Themis is so confident that its course will help you pass the bar exam that it publishes its pass rates online and updates them every year. It also promises a free course retake if you fail the exam after completing the Bar Review Course.

When you sign up, you’re given a Personal Attorney-Advisor who is there to help answer any questions you have, explain key concepts and teach you test-taking strategies to help you excel on the bar exam. You’re also assigned a Dedicated Essay Grader who will read and provide feedback on all your practice essays to help you hone your answers and improve your writing skills. In addition, you can reach out to Themis instructors via email, phone, forums, or social media to get answers to any questions that weren’t covered during classes.

  • Progress Tracking: Themis’ online learning platform tracks your performance on each subject so you know where to focus your studies.
  • Dedicated Support: Every student has access to a personal success team made up of your graders and an attorney advisor.
  • Limited Options: Currently Themis only has 1 course option. This can be disappointing to anyone hoping to customize their course a bit more.

Themis Bar Review Details

Bar Review Course$2,095.00
LLM Advantage Course$2,595.00

7. BARBRI Exam Course Review


Best for Student Support

BARBRI teaches live online courses nationwide and in-person courses in 47 states (sorry, Alaska, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin!). When you sign up for a course, you’re assigned a personal Director of Legal Education (DLE) to help answer any questions you have about the bar exam. Private tutoring is an option if you’d like to take that personalized support a step further, and you can purchase as little as an hour at a time. You can also ask questions of your teacher at any point during the 120+ hours of in-class instruction.

What to Expect

BARBRI’s courses meet four to six times per week over six to seven weeks. Most classes are 3.5 to four hours long, though the two-day MBE Immersion and simulated practice exams are seven hours each. There are three different packages to choose from, and they’re quite pricey compared to the other companies on this list; however, there is an option to spread your payments out over three, six, or 12 months if you can’t afford to pay full price. The Ultimate Decision course provides the best value. You get all the course materials, plus a bonus Mini-Review course and five hours of private tutoring at no additional charge.

All courses include over 2,000 MBE practice questions, MPT and MEE workbooks, personalized essay grading, and adaptive technology that makes study recommendations. You also get access to BARBRI’s insider webinars and bar application advice. Supplemental courses, including an essay workshop and the MBE Mini-Review, can be added to any program for an additional fee. If you live in a jurisdiction that requires you to pass the MPRE as well, you may want to check out BARBRI’s free MPRE review course. This is a stand-alone product and you don’t have to pay for a full bar prep course in order to take advantage of it.

BARBRI’s private tutoring is more flexible than Kaplan’s, but it’s also more expensive. You can start with as little as one hour if you want to try it out, but you get the best savings if you purchase a larger package. Your tutor will cover any or all aspects of the exam where you feel you need work, and they can review prior test results to provide personalized feedback on how you can improve your answers. Tutoring can be done online or in person if you live near one of the company’s offices.

  • Multiple Lecture Formats: Lectures can be watched on-demand, live online, or in a classroom. Plus, you can freely switch between formats so you aren’t locked into the first one you chose.
  • Pass Predictor: Your performance on the course is tracked and logged to create a pass predictor. This will let you know your chances of passing if you were to take the exam right away.
  • Price: Barbri’s high-quality materials come at an equally high cost. This is one of the most expensive courses on this list.

BARBRI Details

National Mini Review$99.00
Essay Advantage Workshop$199.00
Prime Decision Tuition$2,495.00
Regular Decision Tuition$3,695.00
Ultimate Decision Tuition$3,995.00
LLM Extended Bar Review$2,695.00
Private Tutoring - Individual Session (1 hour)$350.00
Private Tutoring - Silver Package (5 hours)$1,500.00
Private Tutoring - Gold Package (10 hours)$2,500.00
Private Tutoring - Platinum Package (15 hours)$3,375.00

8. AmeriBar Prep Course Review

AmeriBar bar exam experts

Best for Section Specific Courses

AmeriBar provides bar exam prep courses in 40 states (not available in Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin). Its Bar Review courses and UBE courses cover all aspects of the exam, but its section-specific courses may be a better fit if you only need to review a certain portion. You can mix and match them as needed to build a custom program just for you. All courses are self-paced, but they include unlimited phone support and the option to purchase private tutoring if you need extra help.

What to Expect

Most of AmeriBar’s study materials are physical books, though there are some online lectures and practice questions. The complete Bar Review Course covers the multistate and state-specific portions of the exam as well as test-taking strategies through a series of on-demand lectures. You’re provided with study calendars to help keep you on track, but AmeriBar doesn’t make any suggestions about what you should study next. The online question bank tracks your progress, though, so you can use the data here to pinpoint areas where you need more practice.

AmeriBar offers two different levels of instruction for its regular Bar Review Course and UBE students can select from four different packages, depending on how much support they want. There are also section-specific programs for the MBE, MEE, and MPT, plus a combined MBE and MPT course. If your state requires you to take an MPRE exam, AmeriBar can help you prepare for this as well. Its MPRE course is free, and there’s no need to sign up for a paid course if you don’t want to. You can mix and match the various sections as you need to, but if you plan on taking more than one, you’re better off enrolling in a complete bar prep course.

All courses include unlimited phone support from real attorneys. Some packages also come with the Essay Critique Program, which offers unlimited reviews of sample essays so you can learn how to improve your answers. The Personal Bar Review Course gives you the best value with all of this plus seven hours of private tutoring included for free. Tutoring can be purchased as an optional add-on to other packages as well. Schedule a free consultation with AmeriBar to discuss whether this is the right option for you.

  • Tutoring: Tutoring sessions are a major focus for AmeriBar. They believe a personal touch helps students excel.
  • Live Workshops: Students can attend multiple daily live workshops and meetings while preparing for the bar exam. Doing so lets you share ideas and learn with other students.
  • Limited Self Study: Live learning is the clear focus of this site. Anyone strictly interested in self-study should check out a different course provider.

AmeriBar Details

Intensive MPT Course$239.00
MBE Course$695.00
MEE Course$795.00
Combined MBE and MPT Course$795.00
Complete Bar Review Course$1,295.00
Personal Bar Review Course$2,495.00
Bronze UBE Bar Review Course$995.00
Complete UBE Bar Review Course$1,295.00
Gold UBE Bar Review Course$1,995.00
Personal UBE Bar Review Course$2,495.00
Private TutoringContact Company

My Top 8 Best Bar Prep Courses

RankCompanyPricing InfoGet Started


BarMax$1,895Go To BarMax


Quimbee$1,199Go To Quimbee BAR


$970Go To Crushendo BAR


Kaplan Bar Review$2,499Go To Kaplan Bar


Bar Prep Hero$299Go To BarPrepHero


Themis Bar Review$2,795Go To Themis Bar




AmeriBar$2,499Go To School of PE

Features I Looked For: Accessibility, Comprehensiveness, Study Materials and Student Support

I compared dozens of bar prep course features when choosing our finalists. They broke down into four main categories: accessibility, comprehensiveness, study materials, and student support.


The bar exam format varies by jurisdiction, and it’s important that the prep course you choose reflects the exam you’ll be taking. I made sure that all of our finalists serve at least 40 states. Kaplan Bar Review and BARBRI both serve all states, so one of these is a good choice if you live in a jurisdiction like Louisiana, which is served by a few bar prep companies. Then, I looked at the available course formats. Most companies offer either self-paced or live online classes, but some offer in-person courses as well for students who prefer learning in a familiar classroom environment. Mobile apps were also a plus, but not a requirement.


I studied the curricula and spoke to former students to get a sense for how well the bar prep courses prepare students for the exam. Some companies list the average pass rates for their students, and when available, I took these into account as well. I made sure each course offered some form of regular instruction, such as video or audio lectures, and covered all portions of the exam that are required by each state. BARBRI and Kaplan stood out here again, teaching through a combination of detailed lectures, workshops, and simulated exams.

Study Materials

Study materials give you a chance to practice the material you learn in class. It’s especially important for self-paced courses where your only instruction usually comes from a series of pre-recorded videos. Resources often include flashcards, a question bank, and practice tests. Taking timed practice tests throughout a course is crucial because it familiarizes you with the exam’s time constraints and gives you an accurate estimate of how well you know the material. Themis Bar Review stood out here with four Milestone Exams throughout the course and adaptive learning technology that makes recommendations on where you should focus your attention.

Student Support

Students enrolled in live courses can ask questions of their instructors during class times, but the best bar prep courses also provide support out of class. This could be via email, phone or message board, or a combination of the three. A few companies, including AmeriBar and BARBRI, offer private tutoring as well, though this service is significantly more expensive than a traditional prep course. Self-paced courses usually have little or no means of getting assistance if you run into problems, so this isn’t a good fit if you struggle to learn on your own.

Pass Guarantees

All of our top five offer pass guarantees to their students. Kaplan and BarMax will refund your prep course tuition if you don’t pass while BARBRI, Themis and AmeriBar enable you to retake their course for free. These guarantees can be reassuring, but they’re not necessarily binding unless you meet all the requirements spelled out in the fine print. Many companies require you to attend all class sections and submit your bar results within a designated period of time after the exam. Failure to do this will render you ineligible for the guarantee. Make sure you read over all requirements carefully before you sign up for any of these programs, so you understand what to expect.

How I Chose the Right Bar Prep Course Delivery Type

Your budget, schedule and learning style will determine which type of bar prep course is the best fit for you. I’ve outlined the four main types below in order from least expensive to most expensive.

  • Self-Paced: You pay for the study materials and review them at your own pace.
  • Live Online: You log in to a virtual classroom and learn alongside other students.
  • Live In-Person: You travel to a physical classroom and learn alongside other students.
  • Private Tutoring: A trained instructor will work with you to build a custom study plan targeting the areas where you need improvement.



  • Most affordable
  • Flexible schedule
  • Cover a lot of material quickly


  • Requires discipline
  • Little personalization
  • Little to no instructor help

Who It’s Best For

A self-paced course works best if you enjoy learning independently or your schedule doesn’t permit attending a live class.

Live Online


  • Log in from anywhere
  • Personalized help available
  • Clear structure


  • Less interactive than in-person courses
  • Technical issues are possible

Who It’s Best For

A live online course is best if you feel more comfortable learning from an instructor, but you don’t live near one of the company’s offices. It’s also a good choice if you can’t commit to traveling to a physical location each week.

Live In-Person


  • No distractions
  • Familiar classroom setting
  • Interact with instructor and fellow students


  • Travel required
  • No scheduled flexibility
  • More expensive than online classes

Who It’s Best For

Live in-person courses are a good choice if you live near one of the company’s locations and you prefer classes that allow for a lot of interaction.

Private Tutoring


  • Tailored instruction
  • Customized study schedule
  • Online or in person


  • Expensive
  • Can be time-consuming

Who It’s Best For

Private tutoring is best if you’re studying to retake the bar exam. A tutor can give you the personalized attention you need to fill in the gaps in your knowledge, so that you can study more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bar Exam

In order to be successful on the bar exam, you have to understand how your state’s exam is formatted, what procedures you’ll be expected to follow on test day, and how to prepare effectively. I’ve answered these and other important questions about the bar exam below. Feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything else you’d like us to answer.

What are the most important things to know prior to taking the bar exam?

Before taking the bar exam, you should familiarize yourself with your state’s eligibility requirements, exam format, and test-day procedures.

What are the state requirements for the bar exam?

Each jurisdiction has its own set of requirements that aspiring lawyers must meet before they’re eligible to take the bar exam. Requirements may include being a resident of that jurisdiction, completing the necessary prelegal education, and registering with the appropriate agencies. You may also be required to submit to a background check. To learn more about your jurisdiction’s rules, check out the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

What format is the bar exam?

Jurisdictions also choose how their bar exam is formatted. Most have a two-day exam format with multistate and state-specific portions containing a combination of essay and multiple-choice questions. An increasing number of states are now adopting the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) format. This includes the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), and Multistate Performance Test (MPT). You can learn more about each of these sections and the UBE below.

Bar exam test day tips

The MBE is only held on the last Wednesday in February and the last Wednesday in July, so plan accordingly. Make sure you know how to get to your testing center and arrive at least a half-hour early. You won’t be permitted to enter the testing room if you show up late. You must bring a valid, government-issued photo ID and a passport-type photo to verify your identity as well as your admission ticket. You can bring a one-gallon clear plastic bag of belongings, but these cannot include any electronic devices, notes, or food (unless it is medically necessary). For a full list of test-day procedures, visit the National Conference of Bar Examiners website.

How much time should I spend studying for the bar exam?

There is no real answer to this. It all depends on how much time you have and how confident you feel in your understanding of the material. Ask yourself the following questions.

How is my state’s bar exam formatted?

Some states have more grueling bar exams than others. Much of the information is the same for all states, but yours may include an MPRE section or a state-specific portion as well. Look up the format ahead of time and make sure that your study plan covers all sections thoroughly. You should also look up the minimum passing score for your state. Make this number your goal and keep studying until you feel confident that you can meet it.

How well do I know the material?

Take a timed practice test before you begin studying. This will familiarize you with the test and give you a good estimation of how well you’re doing. Use your results as a baseline and spend extra time on the sections and concepts where you did poorly. Continue taking practice tests throughout the course to gauge your progress and adjust your study schedule accordingly. If you find you have a long way to go, you may want to increase the amount of time you spend studying each day or consider seeking out a private tutor.

How to plan my bar exam study schedule

Many claim that studying for the bar exam is a full-time job, but if you have other obligations that limit how much you can study each day, it’s best to start early. Figure out when you plan on taking the exam and work backward from there to create a schedule. If you’re enrolling in a live bar prep course, you will be able to skip this step because your instructor will lay out a schedule for you. Some self-paced courses may provide a study schedule as well, but it’s up to you to keep yourself on task and on track.

Do I need to retake the bar exam if I move to another state?

That all depends on where you’re currently licensed and where you’re moving to. It’s easiest if you’re dealing with states that accept the UBE. You can become licensed in any UBE state as long as your passing score is high enough to meet that state’s minimum requirements. Currently, 26 states employ the UBE and that number is expected to grow. This reciprocity only applies when your current jurisdiction and the jurisdiction you’re moving to both use the UBE. So if you’re moving from a non-UBE state to a UBE state or vice versa, you will have to take the bar exam again.
Each jurisdiction has its own reciprocity rules. You can learn more about these by consulting your state bar association. If two states don’t have reciprocity agreements, you will have to take the bar exam again in your new state in order to become licensed. Some states will enable you to take a shorter attorney’s exam instead of retaking the bar. The attorney’s exam is similar to the bar, but it focuses only on state-specific topics as you have already demonstrated your knowledge of federal law by passing the bar the first time.
Depending on where you live, you may want to consider taking the bar in multiple states at the same time. This will open up more markets for you if one day you decide to move or expand your business. It works well if you live on the border between two states or in a metropolitan area like New York where you may want to pursue clients in nearby New Jersey or Connecticut. Keep this in mind when studying for your bar exam. Taking two exams at once could save you a lot of time compared to studying for one exam now and another down the road.

How is the bar exam formatted?

The bar exam format varies by jurisdiction. The common test sections are listed below. You can learn more about which ones are required in your jurisdiction by checking with your State Bar.


The Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) is the most common bar exam section. It’s administered in all states except Louisiana. This is a six-hour, 200-question multiple-choice exam designed to test your knowledge of federal laws, including constitutional law, criminal law, property and torts. It is administered on the last Wednesday in February and July every year, except in Delaware and North Dakota where the test may only occur in July if there are not enough applicants to merit a second testing date.


The Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) is a six-question essay exam that takes place over three hours. This test is administered in 26 states and can cover everything from family law and federal civil procedure to secured transactions and trusts. This test is usually paired with the MPT and takes place on the day before the MBE.


The Multistate Performance Test (MPT) consists of three 90-minute skills questions designed to measure your ability to use lawyering skills and concepts in real scenarios. These questions test your ability to analyze a situation, organize information, solve problems and communicate your solutions to others. It is usually taken on the same day as the MEE — the last Tuesday in February or July.


The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) includes the MBE, MEE, and MPT, and it’s fast becoming the standard for bar exams across the country. It was designed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners to make exam scores more portable. So if you pass the UBE in one state, you can obtain a law license in any other state that offers the UBE, provided your passing score is high enough to meet the new state’s minimum requirements. The UBE is currently used in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.


Most states also require applicants to take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). This is a 60-question multiple-choice ethics exam that runs for two hours. It’s administered three times per year in March, August, and November. Some states require you to have a passing MPRE score before you sit for the bar exam, so check with your state bar to see if this is a requirement for you. Most bar prep companies offer free MPRE courses as well, so you can start with one of these before moving onto a traditional bar prep course.

State-Specific Exams

Certain jurisdictions require you to demonstrate your knowledge of state laws as well as federal laws. These exams usually contain a combination of multiple-choice and essay questions, but the number of questions varies. Check with your state bar association to learn more about any state-specific requirements where you live.

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