There are many options to prepare for the LSAT. Many companies offer free LSAT practice tests. We compiled a list of the best free LSAT practice tests to assist you in preparing for the LSAT.

Though our team recommends choosing an LSAT prep course, using practice tests, in addition, is highly recommended. Students who take full-length practice tests are more likely to see their desired LSAT score increase, as compared to students who only use practice problems and untimed tests.

According to Magoosh LSAT Test Prep, “if you are taking full-length timed LSAT practice tests, one test will take you about 3 hours to complete, and you should plan on at least 2 additional hours to go over the questions that you got incorrect. People who can commit 5 hours to a practice test three times a week will have a great shot at being well-prepared when the actual test rolls around. If your schedule does not permit this, try to fit in at least one full-length test per week and supplement by taking timed sections when you can.”

If you are preparing for the LSAT, you may be looking for practice tests. Here is a list of free LSAT practice tests and questions you can use in your preparation.

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As you may or may not know, practice tests will be an integral part of your preparation, especially towards the end. Any books or courses you purchase will have additional practice tests and questions, and if you’d like to purchase additional practice tests you can do so here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about free LSAT practice tests.

What are my alternatives to free practice tests?

If you would like more preparation than free practice tests, our team would recommend starting with an LSAT prep course. Many LSAT prep courses come with practice tests if you are interested in completing practice tests. You could also choose to purchase LSAT prep books if a prep course is not the right fit for you.

Can I get by with just using free practice tests?

It is not recommended that you take the LSAT without proper preparation. While the free LSAT practice tests can assist in your preparation, a proper course of study is advised. You will learn and develop skills during your undergraduate program that are vital to succeeding in the LSAT. However, using LSAT prep materials in addition will prepare you to implement and apply the skills you have learned. Preparing for the LSAT also involves familiarizing yourself with the test format and types of questions.

What do I get with free tests?

Most free LSAT practice tests include unlimited practice, scoring feedback, and practice test history. Some companies also offer authentic testing interfaces to prepare you for the real LSAT.

If I buy an LSAT book or prep course do I get free practice tests included?

Most LSAT books and prep courses do include practice tests. Some companies, like Kaplan, include multiple practice tests and books with the purchase of a prep course. We researched the best LSAT prep courses to help you out.

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