The Princeton Review goes above and beyond to ensure its students succeed on the LSAT. In addition to dozens of hours of instruction, its live courses include several proctored practice exams so students feel confident and prepared when they go to take the real thing. It also offers one of the most generous score improvement guarantees in the industry.

Keep reading for a full review of all of The Princeton Review’s LSAT prep course materials or check out our review of the best LSAT prep courses to learn about how it stacks up to some of its competitors.

The Princeton Review LSAT Prep Courses

The Princeton Review gives students the choice of the following LSAT prep courses, so they can select the one that best matches their budget and study style.

LSAT Digital Self-Paced Online$799
LSAT Fundamentals$1,099
LSAT 165+ Course$1,299
LSAT Private Tutoring$1,800

All of The Princeton Review’s LSAT prep courses include access to its online study materials, including over 8,000 real LSAT questions. They’re also backed by The Princeton Review Guarantee, which refunds your tuition if you don’t score higher after completing the course and also enables you to retake the course for free if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

Students who enroll in one of The Princeton Review’s live courses may choose between a live online course or an in-person course if they live near one of The Princeton Review’s locations. You can find the one nearest you on the company’s website.

Here’s a closer look at each of The Princeton Review’s LSAT courses.

LSAT Digital Self-Paced Online

The Princeton Review’s self-paced course is aimed at students who prefer to study independently or lack the time to attend a live course. You can enroll online and begin studying immediately, returning to the material whenever you have a free minute and going over concepts as many times as is necessary to grasp it.

It includes over 150 hours of video lessons, drills, practice questions, and strategies for approaching various question types. The Princeton Review gives all its students access to every LSAT ever released, and there are six diagnostic LSATs included in the self-paced course so you can measure your progress and identify areas where you could use improvement. Few other self-paced LSAT prep courses can match The Princeton Review in terms of comprehensiveness, so it’s definitely worth a closer look if you need a lot of help with the exam.

You have access to the course materials for 120 days from the date of your purchase, and as you move through the course, it will adapt to provide you with the personalized assistance you need to improve your skills. You can also skip over topics you already understand well to save yourself some time.

LSAT Fundamentals

The LSAT Fundamentals course is the more affordable of its two live options. This course includes everything in the self-paced course as well as 30 hours of live instruction, either online or in person at a classroom location, depending on the type of course you choose. Courses meet twice per week for three hours at a time and there are several courses running at the same time on different days, so it should be pretty easy to find one that works with your schedule.

Throughout the course, you’ll take four full-length, proctored practice exams. These enable you to identify areas where you’re struggling and areas where you’re doing well, like the tests in the self-paced course. But they also enable you to practice your time management skills and get a feel for the conditions of the real exam. Plus, if there’s a question you didn’t understand, your instructor can walk you through it afterward.

All of The Princeton Review’s LSAT prep course instructors undergo 37 hours of training on the exam and how to prepare students so they’re well versed in the material before they ever set foot in a classroom. You can ask questions of your instructor during class or reach out to them on your own time via phone or email. This is a great way to get one-on-one help without paying for an expensive private tutoring package.

LSAT 165+ Course

The aptly named LSAT 165+ course comes with a guarantee that students will receive at least a 165 on their LSAT after completing the course, if their starting score was a 158 or better, or The Princeton Review will refund their tuition. Students with starting scores under 158 can also take advantage of this guarantee if their score doesn’t improve by at least seven points. This course is targeted at students hoping to get into the most prestigious law schools who may need to spend extra time preparing for the course.

Its live course includes 84 hours of instruction, either in person or in an online classroom. These courses meet twice per week for three-and-a-half hours at a time, and like the Fundamentals course, there are several LSAT 165+ courses running at the same time to suit different schedules. 

LSAT 165+ course participants will take six proctored practice exams throughout the course, so by the time the real LSAT rolls around, they should be familiar with the procedures and skilled at managing their time. As with the Fundamentals course, LSAT 165+ students may reach out to their instructor during or outside of class hours to get one-on-one assistance.

LSAT Private Tutoring

Private LSAT tutoring from The Princeton Review is another option for students who require a lot of assistance or are looking to gain admission to a top law school. You may be able to meet with your tutor in person, depending on where you live, otherwise you can connect via video call from anywhere. Its smallest tutoring package is 10 hours and there is a 24-hour package for those who want to do a comprehensive review of the exam with their tutor.

When you apply for LSAT tutoring, you will fill out a questionnaire to help identify the areas you want to work on and how you learn best. Then, The Princeton Review will pair you with an appropriate tutor based on your answers and you and the tutor will work together to figure out when is the best time to meet. Your tutor will assign homework and go over key topics and strategies with you just like teachers in the classroom courses.

Only students who purchase the 24-hour tutoring package are eligible for The Princeton Review’s Score Guarantee, so this is the way to go if the guarantee is important to you. But if you only need help in a single area, you can save quite a bit of money by choosing the 10-hour package instead.

The Princeton Review LSAT Books

The Princeton Review’s primary LSAT prep book is The Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep, currently in its 28th edition. You can purchase it on The Princeton Review’s website for $64.99. This book contains over 432 pages filled with detailed guides to each section of the exam, including test-taking strategies and real practice problems from previous LSATs. 

The book also includes three full-length LSATs that you can take to measure your progress and test your time management abilities. For those who struggle to stay on track on their own, the book includes multi-week study guides you can follow so you’re ready by the time your test date comes around.

If you want additional practice but aren’t willing to pay for a full course, you can purchase books with several former LSATs. You can take these tests yourself first to see how you do and then follow along with The Princeton Review’s step-by-step instructions to learn how the test creators think and how to approach certain question types.

How Does The Princeton Review Compare?

The Princeton Review has received a 4.1 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot from over 750 former students, which is higher than many of its competitors. A few things help it stand out from the others, including:

  • Generous guarantee: Score guarantees are not unusual, but most only allow a free retake of the course to students who don’t improve their scores. But The Princeton Review’s guarantee goes further than this, offering refunded tuition to students who don’t see a score improvement after completing all course requirements and a free retake to anyone who is unhappy with their course experience for any reason.
  • Large number of proctored exams: Proctored exams are the closest thing you can get to the real LSAT and they give you a chance to test yourself on more than just the material. You get to practice your time management skills and manage your stress levels, so you can feel more confident on the actual test day. Some courses don’t include any proctored LSATs, and there are few other LSAT prep companies that enable you to take up to six in a single course.
  • Comprehensive self-paced course: The Princeton Review’s self-paced LSAT prep course includes over 150 hours of instruction, which is more than you get with a lot of other self-paced LSAT courses.

No LSAT prep course is best for everyone, and The Princeton Review has a few drawbacks you should be aware of, including:

  • A little pricey: The Princeton Review’s courses are a little more expensive than some of its competitors. You do get a lot out of these courses and many students find them worth the money, but if you don’t have a lot to spend on an LSAT prep course, you may have to explore other options.
  • Inflexible tutoring: Some other LSAT prep companies enable you to pay for tutoring on an hourly basis or purchase only a few hours of tutoring if you only need help with a specific thing. The Princeton Review doesn’t allow for this in its tutoring packages. You can try enrolling in a classroom course and reaching out to an instructor, or you may just have to cough up some more money and sign up for a tutoring package.

The Princeton Review is a leader in LSAT prep for a reason and its high ratings speak for themselves. If you’re thinking about taking an LSAT prep course, give its programs a closer look.

Bottom Line